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How to Check PNR Status Online

You can check PNR Status of your Train Ticket using this website in two steps.

Step # 1

Here on this website you will find input box. In it enter your 10 digit PNR Number. Generally you can find PNR Number on the top left corner of your railway ticket.

Step # 2

Then click on submit button. Below you will see detailed PNR Status along with number of passengers and their travel details.

About PNR Status

This article will enable you to get all the information about PNR Status online.

When you buy ticket from Indian Railway Counter or IRCTC to travel from one place to another via train, You will be assigned a unique 10 digit PNR Number or PNR Code. You can find this PNR Number on the top left corner of your railway ticket to check PNR Status.

Sometimes you have to you buy Waitlist Ticket or RAC Ticket which is not confirmed at booking time. Later few tickets are cancelled by other passengers due to any reasons then waiting list passenger will be alloted these seats.

If you had bought waiting list ticket then you have to check your PNR Status using PNR number so that you can get all the PNR Status Update of your ticket. You can check updated PNR Status of your ticket, whether it is confirmed or not.

This is a follow-up method. By using this method passengers are able to get latest updates about the PNR Status of their ticket for train journey.

PNR (Passenger Name Record) is a unique 10 digit code of Passengers Railway Travel Ticket. This PNR Number is alloted to each and every ticket booking whether individual or group booking. A Single PNR number can be generated for maximum 6 passengers. All the information related to this code or number is maintained in a database which is called CRS (Central Reservation System) database. This Database contains whole information about passengers such as Passenger Name, Age, Gender, Contact Details and other information about the Journey like Train Number, Source, Destination, Class and Boarding Date etc and its PNR Status.

The PNR Status of all tickets issued by Indian Railways or IRCTC is available online on this website for your convenience and ease of travel