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How to Check Seat Availability Online

You can check Seat Availability on various trains of your route using this website in two steps.

Step # 1

Here on this website you will find 4 input boxes. In the first two input boxes, you need to put details about your journey like originating station and destination station and select from dropdown. In the third input box, you need to select the Travel Class from the drop-down list and in the fourth one you have to select your Travel Date from the list.

Step # 2

Then click on submit button. Below you will see list of all available trains for desired station along with the seat availability. From the list of available trains select your train by which you prefer to travel.

About Seat Availability

This article will provide you all the information about Seat Availability online.

When you are going travel from one place to another via Indian Railway, Seat availability is one of the major problem. It is pretty difficult for you to get them in any time of the year. Few years ago, the train ticket booking method was unpredictable for the passengers and they didn't have enough information about their desired trains.

Due to this unpredictable reservation system you need to visit Enquiry corners located in the Railway Stations to collect detailed information about Seat Availability on Trains. Those days are gone when you had to collect lots of information about your desired train and also you need to rush railway stations multiple times to know details of Seat Availability.

Today this scenario has been totally changed, and now it is possible to get complete information about your Train Schedule and Seat Availability just sitting at home. Now you can get all information online which makes your journey comfortable, easier and memorable.

The Seat Availability on all trains of Indian Railways is available online on this website for your convenience and ease of travel